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I was one of the millions of people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  I’m fine.  Things are okay.  But without cable/internet things did not get done and things will probably not get done.  For that I apologize.  In addition, at this time, my heart just isn’t in blogging.  I will do my best to catch up on posts that I missed and work on posts that are coming up. But I just can't guarantee anything. ~ 9/1/2017


At the moment our blog is pretty booked so requests are being filled in a very limited basis.

Cover Reveals-- (No openings November 2017)

Spotlights/Excerpts/Blitzes-- (No openings until November 2017)

Reviews-- (Due to a backlog, no requests are being accepted.)

Genres reviewed include:
  • Romance (contemporary, romantic suspense and paranormal) or Erotica (mainstream-focusing mostly on the couple’s journey towards love)
  • Cozy Mysteries
  • Suspense
  • Requests must include a description of the book and book cover. No links please.

Interviews-- (No openings until November 2017)

Guest Posts-- (No openings until November 2017)

Authors if I have worked with you in the past, please email me, to see if something can be worked out.

Review spaces are limited, thus review requests should be made at least two months before the book is due out. Spotlight, interview and guest posts requests should be made as soon as possible, but at least one month before you would like to appear on the blog.

**Important ~ Review requests must include a blurb for the book, a book cover and a release date. PLEASE do not send the book, without being asked to do so. Please do not include links to other sites, as we have no idea where those links will take us, we will not open them. Before you make a request, please have a look at our reviews, to see if your book is a good fit for our blog.**

I prefer to receive review copies in MOBI or PDF format.

***If you feel the need to send a group email, the polite thing to do is to use the "BCC" button in your email. A group email sent using "CC", listing multiple addresses will be deleted and possibly marked as spam.***

You can email requests HERE.

Reviews will be posted on the following sites:

- This blog
- Read Your Writes Book Reviews’ Facebook page
- Read Your Writes Book Reviews’ Twitter
- Goodreads (under the reviewer’s account)
- Amazon (under the reviewer’s account)
- Barnes and Noble (if the book is listed & under the reviewer’s account)

Rating Scale:

1 - I hated it.
2 - I didn't like it.
3 - I thought it was okay.
4 - I liked it.
5 - I loved it.

I love doing giveaways.  If you are an author or publisher looking to do giveaways to get your books out, please contact me.  Please see the genres listed.

Thank you.
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